Pastor and Leaders page


Pastors John and Evadnie Aberhardt

Serving The Lord together for over 25 years Pastors John and Evadnie are the Lead Pastors. Both Pastors John and Evadnie bring to BCF years of Ministry and Business Experience. 


Pastor Andrea Aberhardt

Pastor Andrea a  mother of 2 daughters leads in Praise and Worship and Children's Ministries. Pastor Andrea has been ordained for over 15 years and preaches the Word of God.



Jeremy Mclaughlin

Jeremy serves on the Board of Directors as Secretary Treasurer and Praise and Worship Leader.  Serves as Deacon for Pastor John and takes care of audio visual and sound system. His wife Lynne serves close beside him and in the Kitchen. 


Helen DeAdder

Helen is in charge of our kitchen and oversees all of our luncheons. They include after Church, Seniors Ministry, and City Leaders Prayer Luncheon>


Michael and Hannah Gabizon

Michael and Hanna Gabizon of Ariel Ministries Canada have a Messianic bible study the 2nd Saturday of each month from 7 to 9 pm. Michael and Hannah are both Jewish Believers living in the Hamilton area. Michael was born in the Montreal area and raised by two believing Jewish parents. Michael received his B.A . from Moody Bible Institute in Jewish Studies. He graduated with his ThM with an emphasis in Old Testament and Hebrew Cognates at Dallas Theoligical Seminary. Currently he is pursuing his PhD at McMaster Uniersity, focusing on the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Michael is also a missionary with Ariel Ministries Canada, a para-church organization that focuses on teaching the Scriptures from a Jewish Perspective.

On site at Burlington Christian Fellowshp. Shalom all are welcome!